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Tips and ideas about saving money on Christmas decorations for the tree.

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Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Setting Up a Pre-Lit Christmas TreeThis is a page about setting up a pre-lit Christmas tree. A pre-lit Christmas tree is supposed to be easy to assemble, an improvement over the traditional tree with separate light strings.


Use Costume Jewelry as Mini Ornaments - closeup of an angel pin ornament

Using Costume Jewelry as Christmas OrnamentsIf you find you don't wear your costume jewelry, you can use it as ornaments on a mini Christmas tree. This is a page about using costume jewelry as Christmas ornaments.


A blanket being used as a Christmas tree skirt.

Using a Blanket as a Christmas Tree SkirtChristmas tree skirts can be pricey. Since they are only used once a year many thrifty folks like to fine a better decorating solution. This is a page about using a blanket as a Christmas tree skirt.


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Multifunction Lights on Pre-lit Tree Only Blinking?I have a Home Accents 7.5' pre-lit LED tree with multifunctioning lights (clear, color, blinking). When I set it up, the tree would only blink clear and colored lights. The control box on the tree does not work to alter this.


Close up of Christmas tree with lights and gold and silver baubles.

Top Part of Pre-lit Tree Not Working?This is a page about top part of pre-lit tree not working. It can be difficult to find the cause for a partial loss of lights on a pre-lit tree. If possible checking with the manufacturer may be the best solution.


Christmas Tree

Benefits of Buying a Real Christmas TreeThis is a page about the benefits of buying a real Christmas tree. Despite what you may believe, buying a real Christmas tree is actually environmentally friendly. Here is some great information, dispelling a number of myths in the real vs. fake debate.


Setting Light Colors on a Pre-lit Christmas Tree - top lights colored an bottom are white

Setting Light Colors on a Pre-lit Christmas Tree?I just purchased a pre-lit tree from target last night. I got it all set up and plugged in. It seems like the top piece is on a different setting than the bottom two pieces. And I can't get them to match up. Any ideas? Like now, the top piece is multi-colored and the two bottom pieces are white.


Red Christmas tree skirt

Make a Tree Skirt With a Vinyl TableclothA seasonal vinyl tablecloth is a perfect item to convert into a pretty, even inexpensive, Christmas tree skirt. It is easy and quick to do. This is a page about how to make a tree skirt with a vinyl tablecloth.


A white artificial Christmas tree with red ornaments.

Decorating an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about decorating an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees have some advantages over fresh ones, especially if they are pre-lit. The actual adding of seasonal decorations, however, is basically the same as with a fresh tree.


A Christmas tree that has white flocking to resemble snow.

Homemade Christmas Tree Flocking?This is a page about homemade Christmas tree flocking. Instead of buying spray on flocking for your tree, or paying a lot for a pre-flocked one, make your own flocking at home.


Toddler helping hand decorations on Christmas Tree

Keeping Toddlers out of Christmas TreesThis is a page about keeping toddlers out of Christmas trees. Displaying your Christmas tree can be a challenge with little people around who just can't leave it alone.


Japanese Christmas clown under the tree

Asian Themed Christmas Tree...This is a page about Asian themed Christmas tree decorations. Cultures throughout the world have uncommon ways of decorating for this Christian holiday. In Asia, tree decorations may be quite different than what you expect.



sports ball ornaments

College Football Themed Christmas Tree?This is a page about college football themed Christmas tree. Displaying your team spirit through the holiday season can be fun by decorating your tree with the colors and ornaments from your favorite football team.


young man in camos holding a Christmas gift

Military Themed Christmas Tree?This is a page about military themed Christmas tree. Creating an annual theme for your Christmas tree can become a great family tradition. Honor family members who are or have served with a military theme.


Victorian Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Theme IdeasThis is a page about Christmas tree theme ideas. Decorating your Christmas tree with a specific theme is a fun tradition to start with your family. It can be as elaborate as a Victorian theme or focus on a favorite sport.


Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial vs Natural Christmas TreesThis is a page about artificial vs. natural Christmas trees. Doing some research can help you decide between buying an artificial Christmas tree or a fresh cut one.


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Tips and TricksThis page contains christmas tree tips and tricks. There are smart ways to keep your holiday tree safe and trouble free.


First Christmas Ornament

Baby's First Christmas Ornament IdeasThis page is contains baby's first Christmas ornament ideas. There are many special ways to create a keepsake for your child.


Living Christmas Tree

Caring for a Live Christmas TreeThis page is about caring for a live Christmas tree. Enjoying the fragrance and presence of a living holiday tree requires daily attention.


Decorating a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas TreeThis page is about decorating a Christmas tree. An evergreen tree can be decorated for other holidays besides Christmas.


Picking a Christmas Tree

Picking a Christmas TreeThis is a page about picking a Christmas tree. From nobles to classic firs, picking the right tree will bring much holiday cheer to your home.


Making a Christmas Tree Topper

Making a Christmas Tree TopperThis is a page about making a Christmas tree topper. Make it even more special for your family by making your own Christmas tree topper.


Classic Christmas Tree

Putting Lights on a Christmas TreeThis is a page about putting lights on a Christmas tree. Whether you like a rainbow of colors or classic white lights, decorating your Christmas tree with lights is a tradition many of us look forward to. There are many ways to put the lights on your tree to make it look just right.


Artificial Christmas Tree and Decorations in a Box

Storing an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about storing and artificial Christmas tree. If you would rather have an artificial Christmas tree, you will need to keep it someplace the other eleven months of the year. Keep your artificial tree looking nice and ready for next Christmas by storing it properly.


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Jingle Bell Alarm for PetsIf you have toddlers or pets who might get into your Christmas tree, tie some bells (craft store ones work fine) around the lower branches. If the tree is disturbed you will hear the bells jingle.


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Use Costume Jewelry to Decorate for ChristmasJust raid your jewelry box for decorations for a tiny tree and string necklaces and bracelets to ornament it.


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Decorate Your Tree With PopcornInstead of stringing popcorn to hang on the tree, simply pop the corn and throw it in handfuls onto the tree. It will stick onto the branches and look like snow. Even the youngest of the family can participate.



Christmas Tree For LessChristmas for Less. I finally retired my 24 year old Christmas tree this year when I found this barely used, pre-lit tree at a yard sale for $5! I then found the perfect star topper, which I had seen at a local Target for $9.99, at Goodwill for $.99!


Budget Friendly Theme TreesWant to change your tree this year with new decorations but with the budget crunch you think you just can't afford it? Well, here are four trees using things you have around your house or can buy at your local thrift store so you that you can create a one of a kind tree.


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Child's Own Christmas TreeWondering what to do with all your leftover kids meal promo items? We decorate our girl's bedrooms with their own little Christmas tree and we use the promo items as the ornaments. You can easily add a hook to them, drill a hole if needed or glue a hook to the toy.


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Decorating a Pink Christmas Tree?I have a 7 foot pink Christmas tree with clear lights. I would love some suggestions on how to decorate or what colors would go? Thanks.


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Make a Christmas Tree Out of Recycled Materials?Does anyone have the instructions for how to make a Christmas tree out of empty plastic water bottles?


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Set Up a Kids Christmas TreeAs empty nesters with a house emptied out, I decided to do something new this Christmas. Having just given our sun room a make-over, into a den just for us, I thought of putting up 2 trees, as each had access to a big window and these are the two rooms we spend our time in (living and den).


Different Christmas TreeHappy holidays to all the great folks on here. I just had to show everyone my decoration for a different tree, least it has some Xmas effect for me. Happy Holidays.


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Gather Pine Boughs from Christmas Tree LotsHave a yen for an Xmas tree but don't have the $ or space? Then gather pine boughs (branches) to you from the local xmas tree stands and garden centers!


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Set Up Christmas Tree In The GarageWhen Christmas rolls around and it's time to get our tree ready to put up, I always share this tip with friends. Surprising how many folks have never thought of this idea, yet it's so simple.


Saving Money on a Tree Skirt?Tips for saving money on a Tree Skirt as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Post your ideas here.


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A Natural Growing TreeThis year, instead of getting a big cut Christmas tree, my family bought a small one in a pot. This way, we can put it out into the garden for the rest of the year and keep it for several years to come. It's a nice idea if you prefer a real tree to an artificial one, but don't want to have to buy one every year.


Traveling Christmas Tree Traveling Christmas Tree. Our able to travel Christmas tree.


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Pan for Christmas Tree Overflows Years ago I was in a hardware store and spied a round, about 3 foot diameter, metal overflow pan for water heaters. Having just cleaned up after an overflowing Christmas tree stand...


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Stringing Popcorn for the TreePopcorn for stringing will crumble less easily as you string it if you pop it the day before you use it and let it sit out and get a wee bit soggy.


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Avoid Buying a Special Tree Disposal BagInstead of buying a special tree disposal bag, stand the tree stand on a large garden bag. Then put the tree skirt just goes over this.



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Step-On Light Switch for Tree LightsA step-on light switch for your tree lights is worth every penny and saves crawling around on the floor to plug in lights! By Linda


Photo of a picture tree.

Saving Money on a Christmas TreeTips for Saving Money on a Christmas Tree as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. We had a Christmas tree for almost thirty years, that we got at a garage sale. I bought another tree, at a garage sale, that didn't have all the pieces.


Real Christmas Trees Are Green

Real Christmas Trees Are GreenNot everyone likes the idea of sacrificing a living tree for the sake of celebrating a holiday, but it doesn't change the fact that trees harvested for the Christmas tree industry are a renewable and sustainable resource.


Vintage Memories Christmas Tree

Vintage Memories Christmas TreeChristmas tree using cute vintage, quaint decorations: old childrens books, sheet music, old newspaper ads, paper dolls, old family photos and various items around the house!


Keeping Your Christmas Tree Bug-FreeLive Christmas trees provide insects with a wonderful place to wait out the snow and cold of winter. Unfortunately, this means that occasionally hibernating insects get indoors by hitching a ride on your Christmas tree.


A decorated Christmas tree

Christmas Tree CareHere are some very simple ways to keep your Christmas tree green and thriving through the Christmas season. Many of us are lucky enough to live in an area where you can actually buy a Christmas Tree permit and go and cut our own trees.


Santa with a living Christmas tree.

Living Christmas TreeA living Christmas tree is ecological, practical and saves you money year after year. You can enjoy it year round on your balcony or in your garden.


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Meaning of Army Boots Under a Christmas Tree?What does it mean when someone puts Army boots under the Christmas tree?


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Middle and Top of Pre-lit Tree Not Working?I have a 3 part 7.5' pre lit LED Christmas tree. It is 2 yrs old. The bottom piece lights up and switches perfectly fine between the white and multi colored lights, however the entire middle section and top sections will not light up at all.


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Pre-lit Tree Not Working?I accidentally took a light off the tree and realised it's pre-lit. If I screw it back on will it work or do we need a new tree?


A Christmas tree with some of the lights out.

Half Section of Pre-lit Tree Lights Out?The bottom part of the top piece of my pre-lit tree went out. These lights are wired in parallel, so if one goes out, the others stay lit. The whole top section is on the same strand and I've checked every single bulb in the bottom part that is out and they are all securely in the socket. I've even checked the fuses, although the top of the strand is still lit. If I remove one bulb, the whole strand goes out. If I replace a bulb in the section that is out with one I've already tested, the section still stays dark. It doesn't make sense. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?


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Making a Christmas Tree Skirt from Old Clothing?My father-in-law passed away and he had a bunch of overalls and red bandanas. Do you have any ideas for using overalls and the bandanas to make a Christmas tree skirt?


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Changing Color Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Out of Sync?Our Martha Stewart Living Christmas tree is pre-lit with lights that can be clear, multi color, or changing between the two. The tree is in 3 pieces. All of the lights work, but the lights are not in sync. When the top two sections are multi-colored the bottom is clear and vice versa.


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