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Tips and ideas about saving money on purchasing and making Christmas decorations.

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Pine boughs on a white background

How to Prevent Pine Boughs From Leaking SapYou can control the oozing sap by dipping the cut bough end in hot wax. This is a page about how to prevent pine boughs from leaking sap.


Man looking at a broken light on an Artificial Christmas Tree.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Not WorkingYou plug the tree in but not all the lights are shining. This can be a frustrating situation, especially if the tree is only 2-3 years old. Often, a Christmas light tester is the easiest way to locate the problem area. This page is about pre-lit Christmas tree lights not working.


Lighted Outdoor Christmas Wreath

Repairing a Lighted Outdoor Christmas...This is a page about repairing a lighted outdoor Christmas decoration. Sometimes lighted outdoor Christmas decorations can be repaired rather than having to be replaced.


A Christmas tree that has white flocking to resemble snow.

Homemade Christmas Tree Flocking?This is a page about homemade Christmas tree flocking. Instead of buying spray on flocking for your tree, or paying a lot for a pre-flocked one, make your own flocking at home.


Glass block gift wrapped as a package.

Glass Block Christmas DecorationThis is a page about glass block Christmas decorations. Glass blocks can be made into beautiful Christmas decorations.


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Mothball Christmas Display?I have seen mothballs that move up and down in water. I would like to make this for a Christmas display. Does anyone know how to do this?



Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Setting Up a Pre-Lit Christmas TreeThis is a page about setting up a pre-lit Christmas tree. A pre-lit Christmas tree is supposed to be easy to assemble, an improvement over the traditional tree with separate light strings.


Close up of Christmas tree with lights and gold and silver baubles.

Top Part of Pre-lit Tree Not Working?This is a page about top part of pre-lit tree not working. It can be difficult to find the cause for a partial loss of lights on a pre-lit tree. If possible checking with the manufacturer may be the best solution.


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Decorating a Pink Christmas Tree?I have a 7 foot pink Christmas tree with clear lights. I would love some suggestions on how to decorate or what colors would go? Thanks.


Office Door Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Office DoorThis page contains Christmas decorating ideas for your office door. When you are working in an office, it's fun to add some seasonal decor to your door.


Glass Christmas ornaments.

Repairing Glass Ornaments?This is a page about repairing glass ornaments. A treasured glass ornament is not easily replaceable.


Oregon Zoolights

Saving Money on Christmas LightsThis is a page about saving money on Christmas lights. Decorating the house and tree with lights is a beautiful way to spread Christmas cheer. However, putting a strand of lights everywhere you like can really get expensive.


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Painting Santa On Old Bottles?I am looking for a pattern to paint Santa Claus on an old wine bottle or glass soda bottle. If anyone has any ideas where I can find that I'd appreciate it.


Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

Making a Baby Food Jar Christmas TreeThis is a page about making a baby food jar Christmas tree. Simply and easily create a delightful holiday display by reusing baby food jars to make a Christmas tree.


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Inexpensive and Weatherproof Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations?I am in charge of decorating an outside Christmas tree for our village this year. I need something that is water-proof (in case it rains), non-breakable (in case it's windy), and cheap (in case they get "removed"!)


Cookie Christmas Tree

Alternatives to Having a Christmas TreeThis is a page about alternatives to having a Christmas tree. You can begin your own new tradition by substituting other types of holiday decorations for the more traditional Christmas tree.


Christmas: Fallen Ladder Joke DecorationThis was my Christmas decoration this year. Well, there is good news and bad news about my Christmas decorations this year.


Christmas lights in a front yard.

Christmas Yard Decoration Ideas and...This is a page about Christmas yard decoration ideas and photos. There are many ways to express your holiday spirit with creative yard decorations.


A twig star outside in the snow.

Homemade Outdoor Christmas DecorationsThis is a page about homemade outdoor Christmas decorations. Outdoor Christmas decorations can be quite expensive. Making your own decorations can be fun and save you money.


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Step-On Light Switch for Tree LightsA step-on light switch for your tree lights is worth every penny and saves crawling around on the floor to plug in lights! By Linda


A cubicle decorated for Christmas.

Office Christmas Decorating Ideas?This page is about office Christmas decorating ideas. When the winter holidays come around, it is fun to share your festive spirit at work with a few decorations.



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Making Tin Punched Christmas Ornaments?Does anyone know where I can find patterns for tin punch Christmas ornaments?


Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about homemade Christmas ornaments. Adding shiny store bought ornaments to your Christmas tree makes it look great. However, some of the most cherished ornaments you will have are the ones you and you family make.


Fancy Paper Snowflake - closeup of finished snowflake

Fancy Paper SnowflakeI've always loved to cut out paper snowflakes and hang them in the window during Christmas. (I've even used them to separate layers of cookies in a cookie tin.) It's so much fun to slowly and carefully unfold the snowflake to see the end result. All you need is printer paper, a pencil, and sharp scissors with a fine point.


Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper - closeup of the topper

Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree TopperThis is an easy and inexpensive way to create a retro tree topper that's also fun to make. All you need is a package of silver pipe cleaners and that's all there is to it. If you want to change up your colors from year to year, this is also a great way to coordinate your topper to match your tree.


Making A Lantern Part Of Your Holiday Decor - ornament filled white lantern on a display stand surrounded by greenery, pine cones, and fairy lights

Making A Lantern Part Of Your Holiday DecorLight is an important part of celebrating Christmas and the holiday season. Use a lantern as a festive decoration in your home.


Using a stick to hang Christmas lights on the house.

Hanging Christmas Lights Without A LadderIf you are lucky enough to have Christmas light hooks installed by the previous owner, you too can improvise in the absence of an extension ladder. Follow the tip on this page to make a quick pole that will reach the existing hooks and aid in inexpensively hanging lights on your home.


Branches trimmed off a Christmas tree are used to decorate a fireplace mantle or shelf.

Christmas Decorating Using Tree TrimmingsCheck your local Christmas tree lot for free trimmings. They can be used to make garlands, wreaths, bulk up an old faux tree, and more.


A Christmas tree with dim lights.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Very Dim?Pre-lit Christmas trees are a great way to not have the frustrating task of adding lights to your tree. But if the lights become dim over time you may need to do some troubleshooting. The main culprits are the transformer and/or the fuses.


A ceiling fan decorated with reindeer antlers.

Decorating A Ceiling Fan with Reindeer AntlersFelt reindeer antler headbands can be used to create a cute ceiling fan decoration for the holidays.


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Repairing the Hat on a Lighted Snowman Yard Decoration?Last winter squirrels destroyed the hat covering on the lighted snowman decorating our front yard. The covering material remaining on the hat brim seems like hard plastic strands. Can anyone suggest a material and method to refurbish the snowman's black top hat?


Use Costume Jewelry as Mini Ornaments - closeup of an angel pin ornament

Using Costume Jewelry as Christmas OrnamentsIf you find you don't wear your costume jewelry, you can use it as ornaments on a mini Christmas tree. This is a page about using costume jewelry as Christmas ornaments.


A blanket being used as a Christmas tree skirt.

Using a Blanket as a Christmas Tree SkirtChristmas tree skirts can be pricey. Since they are only used once a year many thrifty folks like to fine a better decorating solution. This is a page about using a blanket as a Christmas tree skirt.


Making Accordion Christmas Trees - three finished trees with a tiny ball ornament on top, and pine cones and other decorations in front

Making Accordion Fold Christmas TreesA simple, inexpensive Christmas decoration you can create with scrap wood and festive holiday wrapping paper. This is a page about making accordion Christmas trees.


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Multifunction Lights on Pre-lit Tree Only Blinking?I have a Home Accents 7.5' pre-lit LED tree with multifunctioning lights (clear, color, blinking). When I set it up, the tree would only blink clear and colored lights. The control box on the tree does not work to alter this.


Replacing the Lights on Outdoor Christmas Decorations - reindeer

Replacing the Lights on Outdoor Christmas Decorations?I have 3D reindeer from the 80s. The lights were a mess so I cut them off and need to replace them. What are the best and easiest lights to use? I have a lot of deer and a large village.



Artificial Christmas Tree with lights

Pre-lit Tree Lights Keep Blinking?Troubleshooting issues with pre-lit trees can be tricky. Even if you can find the problem the next step is to determine if it is repairable. This is a page about pre-lit tree lights keep blinking.


Christmas Tree

Benefits of Buying a Real Christmas TreeThis is a page about the benefits of buying a real Christmas tree. Despite what you may believe, buying a real Christmas tree is actually environmentally friendly. Here is some great information, dispelling a number of myths in the real vs. fake debate.


Setting Light Colors on a Pre-lit Christmas Tree - top lights colored an bottom are white

Setting Light Colors on a Pre-lit Christmas Tree?I just purchased a pre-lit tree from target last night. I got it all set up and plugged in. It seems like the top piece is on a different setting than the bottom two pieces. And I can't get them to match up. Any ideas? Like now, the top piece is multi-colored and the two bottom pieces are white.


A Christmas wreath on a door.

Bring Wreath Inside at NightI bring my wreath inside at night because I don't want it to get wet from moisten air or spider webs from forming. Also, there has been a rise of thieves stealing holiday decor in the area.


New Pre-lit Tree Keeps Blowing Fuses - tree lit up

New Pre-lit Tree Keeps Blowing Fuses?I bought a 9ft Winter Wonderland tree a week ago. Initially it worked perfectly, so we went all out and decorated. The next day it blew its fuse. We replaced them and 2 days later it happened again. Again we replaced the fuses. This morning it's out again.


Red Christmas tree skirt

Make a Tree Skirt With a Vinyl TableclothA seasonal vinyl tablecloth is a perfect item to convert into a pretty, even inexpensive, Christmas tree skirt. It is easy and quick to do. This is a page about how to make a tree skirt with a vinyl tablecloth.


Poinsettia tree created using red and cream flowers in pots.

Poinsettia TreeThis is the most beautiful poinsettia Christmas tree I have seen this year. I took the photo in the dining room of our local hospital in Elizabethton, TN. The colors are so warm and vibrant!


rosemary decorated as mini Christmas tree with tiny train encircling pot base

Rosemary Plant as Mini Christmas TreeI got this rosemary plant during the summer and brought it in for the winter. With a little trimming it became a wonderfully aromatic Christmas tree in the corner of my parlor. Double duty and lovely!


A white artificial Christmas tree with red ornaments.

Decorating an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about decorating an artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees have some advantages over fresh ones, especially if they are pre-lit. The actual adding of seasonal decorations, however, is basically the same as with a fresh tree.


Toddler helping hand decorations on Christmas Tree

Keeping Toddlers out of Christmas TreesThis is a page about keeping toddlers out of Christmas trees. Displaying your Christmas tree can be a challenge with little people around who just can't leave it alone.


Photo of paper snowflakes.

Making Paper SnowflakesThis is a page about making paper snowflakes. Paper snowflakes are beautiful and simple decorations. Adorn your windows with paper snowflakes this year to get in the Christmas spirit.


Christmas Stocking Hanging Tips

Christmas Stocking Hanging TipsThis is a page about Christmas stocking hanging tips. You don't have to buy an expensive hanger to hang your stocking.


Christmas Uses for Space Blankets

Christmas Uses for Space BlanketsI thought of this last year after purchasing some thermal space blankets for my parents to keep in their cars. They live in the middle of nowhere and I always worry in case they break down in bad weather.


Japanese Christmas clown under the tree

Asian Themed Christmas Tree...This is a page about Asian themed Christmas tree decorations. Cultures throughout the world have uncommon ways of decorating for this Christian holiday. In Asia, tree decorations may be quite different than what you expect.


sports ball ornaments

College Football Themed Christmas Tree?This is a page about college football themed Christmas tree. Displaying your team spirit through the holiday season can be fun by decorating your tree with the colors and ornaments from your favorite football team.


young man in camos holding a Christmas gift

Military Themed Christmas Tree?This is a page about military themed Christmas tree. Creating an annual theme for your Christmas tree can become a great family tradition. Honor family members who are or have served with a military theme.


Victorian Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Theme IdeasThis is a page about Christmas tree theme ideas. Decorating your Christmas tree with a specific theme is a fun tradition to start with your family. It can be as elaborate as a Victorian theme or focus on a favorite sport.


Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial vs Natural Christmas TreesThis is a page about artificial vs. natural Christmas trees. Doing some research can help you decide between buying an artificial Christmas tree or a fresh cut one.


Gingerbread Christmas Decoration

Saving Money on Christmas DecorationsThis page is about saving money on Christmas decorations. Whether you buy your decorations in the off season, shop second hand or make them yourself, there are many ways to save on holiday trimmings.


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Pre-lit Tree Keeps Blowing Fuse?I have a pre-lit Christmas tree and the top of the tree keeps blowing the fuse. The tree has three parts. The bottom and the middle are both working. I have changed the fuse four times now and the minute I plug it in the fuse blows instantly.


A christmas display with ornaments, cranberries and tinsel.

Christmas Light Display IdeasThis page is about Christmas light display ideas. Creating a beautiful display can be a fun expression of your holiday spirit.


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Tips and TricksThis page contains christmas tree tips and tricks. There are smart ways to keep your holiday tree safe and trouble free.


First Christmas Ornament

Baby's First Christmas Ornament IdeasThis page is contains baby's first Christmas ornament ideas. There are many special ways to create a keepsake for your child.



Selecting and Caring for PoinsettiasThis is a page about selecting and caring for poinsettias. Poinsettias are a favorite holiday floral decoration.


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Buying a Christmas Shower Curtain?This is a page about buying a Christmas shower curtain. When decorating for the Christmas holidays, sometimes it is difficult to find holiday themed items for every room.


Man With Broken Christmas Lights

Finding Replacement Bulbs for Christmas...This is a page about finding replacement bulbs for Christmas lights. Sometimes finding replacement bulbs for your Christmas lights can be a frustrating process.


Edible Christmas Ornaments

Edible Christmas Ornament RecipesThis page contains edible Christmas ornament recipes. Enjoying decorations that you can also eat makes for a fun project for the holidays.


A man repairing Christmas tree lights.

Christmas Lights Not WorkingThis page is about Christmas lights not working. Determining why you have strands of unlit lights can be challenging.


Living Christmas Tree

Caring for a Live Christmas TreeThis page is about caring for a live Christmas tree. Enjoying the fragrance and presence of a living holiday tree requires daily attention.


Crochet Christmas Tree Decoration

Crocheted Christmas Tree DecorationThis page is about crochet Christmas tree decoration. A fun, table tree can be crocheted for the holidays.


Decorating a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas TreeThis page is about decorating a Christmas tree. An evergreen tree can be decorated for other holidays besides Christmas.


holly ornaments

Outdoor Ice OrnamentsWhen the temperatures remain below freezing, frozen water can decorate your yard. This page is about outdoor ice ornaments.


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Outside Glass Block Christmas Decoration Ideas?I have 100 8x8x4 inch glass blocks. What can I make as a x-mas decoration outside?


Decorating for Christmas, House Decorated for Christmas

Decorating for ChristmasThis is a page about decorating for Christmas. Making your home beautiful for the holiday season doesn't have to break the bank.


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Recycled Cups As Lighted BellsRinse out your used small clear plastic cups. Cut a small "x" on the top and insert the twinkle light from the top through the "x" with the light bulb inside. Whatever color the bulb is, the cup (bell) will light up when plugged in.


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Hanging Christmas Lights Inside?How do you keep up Christmas lights in your house without damaging the wood or walls?


Girl with a paper chain garland.

Making a Paper Chain GarlandThis page is about making a paper chain garland. Making a paper chain garland is a kid-friendly Christmas craft. They can also be used to count down to Christmas.


Picking a Christmas Tree

Picking a Christmas TreeThis is a page about picking a Christmas tree. From nobles to classic firs, picking the right tree will bring much holiday cheer to your home.


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Plastic Tablecloth Christmas Door Decoration?We are hoping to use a plastic tablecloth roll to decorate doors at work for Christmas. What will make the plastic tablecloth stick to a door?


A group of Christmas stockings hanging on a shelf.

Homemade Stocking HoldersThis is a page about making homemade stocking holders. Hanging your Christmas stocking can be a challenge, here are some homemade ways to display your stockings for Santa to fill.


Crocheting a Stocking

Crocheting a Stocking?This is a page about crocheting a stocking. A crocheted stocking is a great holiday craft. You can easily personalize them for friends and family too.


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Replacing Christmas Tree Lights with White Ring Base?Can the white ringed bulbs that have the safety fused lamps be replaced?


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Reviews of Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights?I would like any input or experiences on whether these lights (Solar Christmas Lights for Patio Railing and Decor) are worth buying and if they are bright enough to see at night.


Making a Christmas Tree Topper

Making a Christmas Tree TopperThis is a page about making a Christmas tree topper. Make it even more special for your family by making your own Christmas tree topper.


Best Christmas Light Shows. House decorated in white Christmas lights

Best Christmas Light ShowsIn recent years it has become popular for people to do a Christmas light show synchronized to music. Here is a compilation of some of the best light shows online. This page contains videos of the best christmas light shows.


Evergreen garland with berries and glass Christmas ornaments.

Making an Evergreen GarlandThis is a page about making an evergreen garland. You can make your own evergreen garland by collecting or buying your own boughs and adding as many additional embellishments as you like. These lovely Christmas decorations add a traditional touch to the holidays.


A tangled strand of Christmas lights.

Storing Christmas LightsThis is a page about storing Christmas lights. Those long strands of lights for your tree or home are easy to deal with right out of the packaging but can become tangled and a mess unless stored properly.


Classic Christmas Tree

Putting Lights on a Christmas TreeThis is a page about putting lights on a Christmas tree. Whether you like a rainbow of colors or classic white lights, decorating your Christmas tree with lights is a tradition many of us look forward to. There are many ways to put the lights on your tree to make it look just right.


An up close photo of a reindeer.

Making "Reindeer Food"This is a page about making "Reindeer Food". Making "Reindeer Food" is a fun activity to do with your kids. This sparkly treat can be sprinkled on your lawn on Christmas eve to feed Santa's reindeer.


coffee can snowman

Making a Coffee Can SnowmanThis is a page about making a coffee can snowman. Recycled crafts are great fun to make and a good alternative to expensive decorations. Coffee cans are a popular container to reuse and recycle. They can be a great creative starting point for making a cute Christmas snowman.


Glass Christmas Ornaments in a Box

Storing Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about storing Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments can not only be precious but fragile as well. Keep you ornaments looking great and in one piece by storing them properly.


Artificial Christmas Tree and Decorations in a Box

Storing an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about storing and artificial Christmas tree. If you would rather have an artificial Christmas tree, you will need to keep it someplace the other eleven months of the year. Keep your artificial tree looking nice and ready for next Christmas by storing it properly.


Someone making a cranberry and popcorn garland.

Making a Cranberry GarlandThis is a page about making a cranberry garland. Cranberries are not just for eating during the holidays. Those bright red berries are perfect for stringing together to use as garland.


A salt dough ornament on a Christmas tree.

Making Salt Dough OrnamentsThis is a page about making salt dough ornaments. Salt dough ornaments are a great, kid-friendly Christmas crafts. These simple ornaments can last for many years.


Kids making popcorn garland.

Making a Popcorn GarlandThis is a page about making a popcorn garland. Popcorn garland is a simple and inexpensive decoration for your tree. It is also a great kid-friendly craft.


Family Working on Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

Hanging Outdoor Christmas LightsHanging Christmas lights on the outside of your house can be quite a chore, especially if your home has more than one story. However, making your house look great for the holiday season is always worth the work.


Closeup of Red Christmas Bell Ornament

Saving Money on Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about saving money on Christmas ornaments. Whether you are adding to your collection, buying for gifts, or decorating your tree from scratch buying Christmas ornaments is something many of us do just about every year.


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Shopping for White Satin Christmas Ornament or Ball?Where can I purchase about 36 1 to 1 1/2 inch and 36 2 1/4 inch white satin Christmas balls?


Christmas Wreath

Making a Christmas WreathThis is a page about making a Christmas wreath. Rather than buying your Christmas wreath this year try making one. It can become a family tradition and they also make a thoughtful gift. Let your imagination go and create a unique wreath for this year and beyond.


Cardboard Christmas tree photo from an earlier Thriftyfun project.

Making a Cardboard Christmas TreeThis is a page about making a cardboard Christmas tree. Interested in an eco-friendly alternative to a Christmas tree? Want to expand your recycling efforts? How about making a cardboard Christmas tree? Not only will you have a unique tree, but the making of it will be a fun activity for the whole family.


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Storing a Christmas Centerpiece?How do I store my Christmas table centerpiece? It is a small floral arrangement with 2 metal candle stands on the sides. I wasn't sure if it was OK to store it in an outside storage closet covered with plastic.


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"Pine"apple Christmas Tree Centerpiece.Take the top of a fresh pineapple, remove any really damaged leaves, and turn it upside down on a platter. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and decorate with "ornaments" of maraschino cherries.


Thanks for the Memories!While going through and sorting our Christmas decorations, I came across the stockings and the little Santa Cap that I had for my Basset Hounds from many years ago.


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Use Spray Paint To Change DecorationsSpray paint things that you need to change. For example, I went from gold to silver with my decor for Christmas. I spray painted baskets, ornaments, pinecones, etc. silver.


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Squirrels Chewing Outdoor Christmas Light Wires?I have a squirrel or squirrels that are chewing up my Christmas lights. Does anyone know of a good repellent to keep them off my trees, at least during the lighting season?


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Encouraging Neighbors to Decorate for Christmas?Does anyone have any ideas on how to encourage others in your neighborhood to put up outdoor Christmas lights on their homes again?


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Quick and Sentimental Ornaments - clear plastic ornament with beads inside hanging on the tree

Quick and Sentimental OrnamentsHere is a quick tip on how to make sentimental ornaments. Have your child select any "special" to them items and place inside clear plastic ornament. Add the year to the back of the ornament for memories.


decorations for Christmas on garden arbor

Rose Arbor Christmas DecorationsThe roses at each end of my rose arbor are very young and have not climbed over the rose arbor so therefore at holiday times I decorate the arbor to reflect the holiday. At Christmas time I made a plywood ornament and the word Joy and then put other items to commemorate the holiday.


Hang Wreath with Ribbon

Hang Wreath with RibbonHere is my do it yourself on how to hang a wreath with ribbon and no nails in your door! It is also really quick, taking only about 15 minutes. This is perfect if your door does not have enough clearance for a wreath hanger (applies to me), or you don't want to purchase a wreath hanger.


Rudolph Planter - snake plant in plain white planter with a red pom  pom stuck to the pot

Rudolph PlanterThis is a simple Christmas decoration I came up with. I used a snake plant in a plain planter and stuck a big red pom pom bow on it for the Rudolph nose. It might be a bit abstract, but I like it like that. You could add some big googly eyes if you like.


A candy cane place card

Candy Cane Place CardsThis should take no more than fifteen minutes and anyone can be enlisted to make the name cards. It takes little time and effort, but really adds something to your table.


play on Charlie Brown's poor little Christmas tree

My Roscoe Beagle Christmas TreeThis small cedar tree sprouted in our side yard a few years ago, I decided to put a small red Christmas ornament on it and call it my Roscoe Beagle Christmas tree. We had a Beagle named Roscoe. It is a "take-off" of the famous Beagle cartoon series with his friend Charlie!


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Paper Poinsettias Wreath

Paper Poinsettias WreathThis paper wreath with poinsettias is a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays. Find out how to make it in this short video.


Hershey's Kiss MiceThese cute little mice are easy to make and are a perfect little gift for someone special!


Fabric Pinecone DecorationsThese Christmas pinecone decorations are a cute way to use up fabric scraps. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A bowl made of melted peppermint starlight candies, filled with M&Ms

Peppermint Candy BowlsUse this festive candy bowl as a colorful centerpiece for your holiday table or give it as a gift with your own sweet treats. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Paper Doily Christmas Tree

Paper Doily Christmas TreeLacy paper doilies are glued in layers to create this delicate snowy tree. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Pom Pom Ornaments

Making a Pom Pom Christmas OrnamentThis video shows you the simple steps to making a Christmas ornament with pom poms.


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Repairing a Pre-lit Christmas Tree?We just got a 9 ft Christmas tree (National Tree Company) that has 4 sections and 10 different light settings. The 3 section is out of sync with the other 3 sections. When it is white the others are colored and vice versa. Is there any way to sync them?


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Using Partially Burned Out Strands of Christmas Lights?I have a long strand of mini lights with the middle third of the strand burnt out (blackened bulbs). There are too many to fix. Is it unsafe to go ahead and use the strand (just bury the blackened section out of sight in the tree)?


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Pre-lit Xmas Tree Color Changing Light Function Malfunctioning?I have an artificial Christmas tree. This year I turned on the shifting colors option on the tree and in the line around the section between the middle section and the top section many lights are changing constantly to the wrong colors when the tree changes colors. Sometimes when it's not changing all the lights at all they are flickering through a multitude of colors.


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Using a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Without the Remote?Can my pre-lit Balsam Hill Christmas tree work without the remote? Can I just somehow plug it into the wall and not worry about color changing and bypass the remote some? If so how? I lost mine and can't afford to order/buy one and I am stuck with a pretty tree with no lights.


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Meaning of Army Boots Under a Christmas Tree?What does it mean when someone puts Army boots under the Christmas tree?


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LED Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Not Working?I have been trying to troubleshoot our Home Accents 7.5ft pre-lit LED Christmas tree and need some help. We have had the tree for two seasons without any issues. The contacts between the sections is through the 'trunk ' of the tree and all seems to be OK and lock firmly and smoothly in place.


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