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Tips and ideas about saving money on Christmas gifts.

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hands holding a wrapped gift

12 Days of Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about 12 days of Christmas gift ideas. Planning a special Christmas gift giving event based on the old Christmas song can be lots of fun.


Close up of thoughtful young happy Asian teenage girl smiling while holding gift box

Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Nieces and Nephews?This page contains Christmas gift ideas for older nieces and nephews. As your nieces and nephews get older, it can be harder to know what to get them for Christmas. Here are some ideas that may be helpful.


woman handing an older man a gift

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Assisted...This is a page about inexpensive Christmas gifts for assisted living residents. For a resident living with supportive services, there are a variety of inexpensive things you can find for gifts.


A large family exchanging Christmas gifts.

Thrifty Christmas Gifts for a Large FamilyLarge and multigenerational families can make gift giving at Christmas quite expensive. This is a page about thrifty Christmas gifts for a large family.


Christmas Gifts

Giving Christmas Gifts to Adult Nieces and...This page is about giving Christmas gifts to adult nieces and nephews. Knowing when it is time to stop gift giving to someone you love can be a challenge.


A family taking a selfie with a new selfie stick at Christmas.

Novelty Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about novelty Christmas gift ideas. Novelty items make great inexpensive gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas.


Father and young girl decorating a Christmas tree

Having a Good Christmas Without GiftsThis is a page about having a good Christmas without gifts. Christmas can still be a joyful giving time, even if you are not able to buy gifts for your family.


Hand Holding Small Christmas Gift

Frugal Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about frugal Christmas gift ideas. Christmas gifts do not have to be expensive; thoughtful or homemade gifts often mean more to the recipient than the pricey expensive ones.


Nurse with stethoscope holding three orange and green wrapped presents

Christmas Gift Ideas for Nurses?This page contains Christmas gift ideas for nurses. Finding appropriate, useful gifts for people who care for others can be a challenge.


A girl opening a small gift.

Christmas Countdown Gift Ideas?This is a page about Christmas countdown gift ideas. You can establish a Christmas countdown tradition in your family, whether you count down the 24 days before Christmas or a shorter period. Presenting a small gift each day is a common practice.


Small Christmas Gifts

Small Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about small Christmas gift ideas. Trying to come up with ideas for small Christmas gifts for friends, neighbors, customers, etc. can be difficult.


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Need 50 Small Gift Ideas For 2 Secret Sisters?I need 50 small Christmas ideas for my 2 secret sisters at church. I had the daughter-then her mom moved in with her after it was too late to draw a name for her-so I adopted her also.



Gifts That Fit in an Envelope

Christmas Gifts That Fit in an Envelope?This page is about Christmas gifts that fit in an envelope. A small sized gift can mean a lot to those you love.


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Christmas Gifts for the Granddaughter With Everything?I would like suggestions for Christmas gifts for granddaughters who have everything already. Their ages are 2 and 7. Thanks.


Four women exchanging gifts.

Christmas Gift Exchange IdeasThis page contains Christmas gift exchange ideas. Christmas gift exchanges are a fun activity enjoyed in many workplaces as well as school. Coming up with ideas that suit a variety of people can be difficult.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about inexpensive Christmas gift ideas. A gift doesn't have to be expensive to be enjoyed and appreciated.


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Ideas for "Cheer Baskets"?I need ideas for creating "Cheer Baskets" for widows, shut-ins, etc in our community.


Santa waving holding a bag of gifts.

Cute Christmas Gifts with Accompanying Sayings?This is a page about cute Christmas gifts with accompanying sayings. Simple things with personalized written expression can make meaningful holiday gifts.


A couple with a Christmas gift.

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for CouplesThis is a page about Christmas gift ideas for couples. Deciding on a gift for a couple may require some thought to have it be something both people will enjoy.


Arriving at grandparents for Christmas.

Buying Family Christmas GiftsOne solution to the difficulty of choosing gifts for members of your extended family is to choose a gift that is given to the entire family, rather than individual ones. This is a page about buying family Christmas gifts.


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24 Days Before Christmas GiftsDuring garage sale season, I buy small items for my grandchildren for 25 cents or less. I wrap 24 for each child and put them in a tote bag for them to open on the first 24 days of December. It makes looking forward to Christmas even more exciting. By Marylin


Gifts That Cost Nothing

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Children and...This is a page about homemade Christmas gifts for children and teens. There are many different things that you can make at home that young people will enjoy as Christmas presents.


Gift Idea! - Holiday Survival Kit

Here's a cute idea for a small gift or for stocking stuffers.


Gifts under a Christmas Tree.

Drawing Names for Christmas GiftsThis page is about drawing names for Christmas gifts. A great way to give meaningful gifts in a large family or group of friends is to have a drawing.


A hot cocoa with marshmallows and a candy cane stirrer.

Snowman Soup and Poem GiftThis is a page about snowman soup and poem gift. This cute tasty hot chocolate gift is sure to please around the holidays.


The finished chicken rice gift bowl.

Chicken-Rice Gift BowlsI am always looking for ways to make Christmas gifts that are actually useful and will be appreciated. I found these darling little bowls at the Dollar General, and decided to make some little gifts out of them and my favorite Knorr Rice Mix packages.


Jingle Bells ornaments.

Jingle Bell Craft IdeasJingle bells are a great craft supply to have on hand for Christmas crafts. You can do a simple ornament with kids using a large jingle bell and ribbon.



red felt bag with a snowman on the front

Making Christmas Goodie BagsThis is a page about making Christmas goodie bags. Christmas goodie bags are a fun alternative to larger gifts. It is also a good way to control spending on gifts.


Gingerbread cookies in a tin box.

Food Gift Ideas for ChristmasRather than giving more stuff to family and friends it can be fun to make and give a variety of food gifts, from sweets to soup mixes. This page contains some food gift ideas for Christmas.


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Christmas Gift for your Mail CarrierI think I found the most unusual gift this year for my mail carrier, Pete! While I was at the Post Office the other day, I bought him and his wife a book of stamps and put it in a very cute Christmas card. I think it will be his most unusual gift EVER! What do you think? They need stamps just like you and I.


Girl with Present

Having a Thrift Store ChristmasShopping at thrift stores can be a good way to find inexpensive gifts for family and friends. Sometimes money is tight and having a thrift store christmas is the best way to celebrate the gift giving associated with Christmas.


shopping online

Finding Plastic Snowflake Photo Ornaments?There are many ways to display a photo in a Christmas ornament and the snowflake is a very popular design. Finding plastic snowflake photo ornaments to use as gifts is a great way to share some holiday cheer with others.


A female healthcare worker wearing a santa hat.

Gift Ideas for Coworkers?There are several occasions when you may wish to give a coworker a gift. This page features gift ideas for coworkers.


Christmas GiftS Being given to Elderly Dad

Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Dad?Choosing the perfect gift for an elderly parent is easy if you think about what they would really enjoy, such as special foods, a chore jar, books, and such. This is a page about Christmas gift ideas for elderly dad.


Christmas Gift Certificate

Make Your Own Gift Certificates for ChristmasHomemade gift certificates typically take the form of a coupon for a future service or activity such as lawn mowing, cleaning, dinner, a movie, etc. This is a page about make your own gift certificates for Christmas.


Christmas Bath Salts

Christmas Bath SaltsBath salts can make a great gift at Christmas time. This is a page about christmas bath salts.


A wooden gift planter of spring bulbs.

Giving Garden Bulbs as Christmas GiftsThis is a page about giving garden bulbs as Christmas gifts. A fun holiday gift for a gardening friend can be flower bulbs for indoor forcing or for planting in the spring.


Neighbors bringing cookies as a gift.

Frugal Gifts For Neighbors?It is very thoughtful to give homemade or thoughtful purchased gifts to your neighbors during the holidays. This tradition can include those that have lived there a long time and the new family on the block. This is a page about frugal gifts for neighbors.


Casserole with potatoes, minced meat, broccoli and cheese.

Giving a Meal as a Christmas GiftThis is a page about giving a meal as a Christmas gift. A homemade meal made with love can be a meaningful holiday gift to many different people.


Wrapped bread surrounded by sprigs of green.

Giving Baked GiftsBaked goods make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other special events. Edible gifts are not only delicious and come from the heart but can also be inexpensive.


Homemade baked Christmas gingerbread tree as a gift.

Christmas Gifts from Your KitchenSome of the best Christmas gifts come from the kitchen. Baked goods, canned foods and snacks all make great homemade gifts. Find ideas for Christmas Gifts from Your Kitchen in this page.


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Christmas Gift for 16 Year Old Hunter Boyfriend?My boyfriend is 16 and he hunts. He has so many knives and hunting gear that it's out of the question. I don't like getting guys clothes and picture frames and he hates the movies. I need something to get him for Christmas.



A origami paper tree with tiny paper packages underneath.

Paper Themed Christmas Gift Swap Ideas?This is a page about paper themed Christmas gift swap ideas. Some families and groups like to give gifts based on a chosen theme.


A woman thinking about the Christmas present she is holding.

Thoughtful Christmas Present IdeasThis is a page about thoughtful Christmas present ideas. Thoughtful gifts are generally appreciated so much more. The time spend deciding on the gift is a gift in itself.


Teenage boy holding rapped Christmas present in front of decorated tree

Frugal Christmas Gifts for Teens?This is a page about frugal Christmas gifts for teens. As children get older the cost of many gift ideas for them begins to increase.


Two men and two women laughing and shaking presents by a Christmas tree.

White Elephant Christmas Gift IdeasThis page contains white elephant gift ideas. Christmas party fun can include buying a gag gift that you don't know who will end up with it until the end of the exchange.


A girlfriend giving her boyfriend a gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for an Adult Boyfriend?This is a page about Christmas gift ideas for an adult boyfriend. Christmas is not just for children, but sometimes it is more difficult to decide on just the right gift for an adult.


Woman Shopping for Long Distance Relationship Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Ideas for Long Distance...This is a page about Christmas gift ideas for long distance relationship. When someone you love lives far away, you want to be able to send a meaningful holiday present.


book with a bow

Giving Books for ChristmasThis is a page about giving books for Christmas. Books are a gift that endures long after the Christmas meal is gone and the toys put away. They are a gift of imagination, knowledge, self improvement, and so much more.


Christmas Gift Card

Giving Gift Cards for ChristmasThis page is about giving gift cards for Christmas. A gift card is a good present for a loved one far away, or so your gift recipient can get something they really want or need.


A teen girl holding a gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for TeensThis page contains Christmas gift ideas for teens. Determining an appropriate and useful present for a teenager can be a challenge.


A girl writing a Christmas wish list.

Christmas Wish List AdviceThis is a page about Christmas wish list advice. Every year children and adults alike begin to prepare their Christmas wish lists.


A mom worrying about Christmas.

Planning Christmas for Children Without Any...This is a page about planning Christmas for children without any money. Many families experiencing financial difficulties are even more distraught around the Christmas holidays, but there are ways to still have Christmas for your children.


Scavenger Hunt for Gifts

Planning a Scavenger Hunt for GiftsThis is a page about planning a scavenger hunt for gifts. A fun way to present gifts for Christmas or any occasion is to create a scavenger hunt leading to the hiding places.


boyfriend and girlfriend at Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas for My BoyfriendThis page contains Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend. Sometimes choosing just the right gift for the special man in your life can be difficult.


Christmas Cookie Exchange

Christmas Cookie Exchange Tips and...This is a page about Christmas cookie exchange tips and recipes. If you participate in an annual cookie exchange, you are probably on the lookout for new tips and recipes all of the time.


A bag of wrapped gifts

Buying Christmas GiftsThis is a page about buying Christmas gifts. Many of us are always looking for ways to make shopping for Christmas gifts easier.


A photo of a cowboy on a farm.

Cowboy Themed Christmas Gift Ideas?This page is about cowboy themed Christmas gift ideas. Finding the perfect gift for those you love can be a challenge.


A classic red felt Christmas stocking, ready to be filled.

Saving Money on Stocking StuffersThis page is about saving money on stocking stuffers. Thinking of gifts all year can save you money for the holidays.


Hands tying a bow on a package.

Christmas Gift IdeasThis is a page about Christmas gift ideas. Choosing just the right gift to give at Christmas can be difficult.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Hard to Shop for Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been dating for 14 months, I am 17 and he is 20. He likes playing PC games, but has everything. He isn't a very needy person and says I can buy him anything because he will like it because it's from me.


Gifts That Cost Nothing

Gifts That Cost NothingThis is a page about gifts that cost nothing. Gifts don't have to cost money to be awesome!


Christmas Ideas for Men, Couple sitting on the floor wearing Santa hats.

Christmas Ideas for MenThis is a page about Christmas ideas for men. Men are difficult to shop for; they buy what they want for themselves.


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Gifts in a Jar Soup Recipes?I am looking for some easy recipes to put in a gift jar for my dad's Christmas basket. He is widowed and still does some cooking, but I am looking for some easy ideas. Soups would be good. Are there any other ideas that are not desserts?


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Looking for This Christmas Poem?I'm looking for a Christmas poem that says how I have learned this, or---such and so, from you and thank-you for being in my life. It is sort of a thank you to those who have made me the kind of person that I have become.I think it went around about ten years or more ago.


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Christmas Gift Idea for New Boyfriend?So I just started dating this guy and have thought of a gift idea, but I'm just not sure if it is appropriate for being together for such a short amount of time.


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Inexpensive or Homemade Christmas Gift for Boyfriend?My boyfriend's birthday falls on December 30. I am on a very tight budget this year and want to make him some things, but I have no idea what to make him, or some cheap things to buy him. Any ideas?


A bag filled with marshmallows, labeled Snowman Poop.

Christmas Gag Gift IdeasThis page contains Christmas gag gift ideas. You don't have to wait until April Fool's day to give someone a gag gift. Christmas can be a fun time to trick your friends or family.


Photo of a chocolate chip cookie gift mix.

Making Brownies in a Jar MixesThis is a page about making brownies in a jar mixes. A favorite Christmas gift is the mix in a jar. You have seen them, anything from cookies to soup, and of course brownies. They are fun to make and equally fun to receive. The recipient can then bake up some delicious, chocolaty brownies whenever the mood hits them.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Employer?I don't know what to get my boss (an attorney) for Christmas. After working for him for 20 years, I have run out of ideas.


Hushing Santa

Secret Santa IdeasThis is a page about secret Santa ideas. Getting a gift for everyone at work, church or large family can get really expensive. Secret Santa is a fun way to make sure everyone one in a large group receives a gift and it isn't too pricey for those involved.


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Christmas Gifts Ideas for Convalescent Home Residents?I'm doing a Christmas show for a local convalescent home. I'm looking at having small presents for the 50 - 75 residents of the convalescent home. Any suggestions?


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Homemade Crafts As GiftsOnce every 5 years, I give only gifts that are home made. Since I crochet and knit and do plastic canvas, that's what it usually is. This year, I crocheted lapghans for everyone in the family.


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Inexpensive Christmas Gift for Boyfriend Who Likes Xbox Games?My boyfriend is seventeen, he is really into Xbox games and Halo. He also likes sweet gifts. I am really tight on budget, and I sort of ruined the part of buying him video games. I don't know what else to buy him to make it really cool, on a short budget and short time. Help?


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Christmas Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boyfriend?What should I get my 16 year old boyfriend for Christmas? I have no clue what to get him! Please help.


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Barter For Christmas GiftsThis is really not a new concept, but it really does work. Bartering! Especially for the holidays. My early Christmas present was an antique cedar chest. My husband helped move a china cabinet and for his time, he was able to choose a piece of furniture as payment.


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Unique Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend?I have been dating my boyfriend since December 4th, last year. I have made him so many crafty things, and I've bought him a lot of things that he wanted, too! But now, this year for Christmas, I'm just fresh out of ideas!


Letter Carrier Gift IdeaCover a clean empty can with paper (or leave uncovered and decorate if you wish) , fill with a variety of small wrapped candies, and stick in your mailbox. Raise flag on mailbox.


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Christmas Star Poem for Anonymous Gift?I am looking for a poem/letter/story about a Christmas star/present. You leave this "letter" along with a gift on the doorstep of a friend or neighbor anonymously. Hope someone can help. Thanks!


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband?My husband just has to have an iPad for Christmas, which I don't have the $5-600 to spend for him. Any suggestion? other than getting a new husband?


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Homemade Christmas Gift for Long Term Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years off and on so we've been through all the holidays. I want to get him something that means something to him, and that is possibly homemade (any suggestion helps!). Any suggestions?


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Newspaper Bags as Gift WrappingKeep the plastic sleeves that protect your newspapers from inclement weather. They come in handy as upcycled gift bags for small items. Cut a bit of the open end off so the bag is not too long, slip in a layer of colorful tissue, and finish with a pretty bow. Voila!


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Common Sense Holiday Gift GivingIn the current time of having to be thrifty with your money and make it stretch way beyond what you think you should, something handmade or a box of favorite candies will suffice as a warm message to someone to just show them you care.


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No Toys As Gifts For The HolidaysDespite the fact that one of her sons thinks she is the meanest mom in the world, a good friend has informed the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that if they want to buy her children gifts they must be books, clothing, gift cards, etc.


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Christmas Present Ideas For Soldier Boyfriend?My boyfriend is turning 24 the week after Christmas, and I have no idea what to get him for either. He is an EMT and in the army and his mom is getting him things for his truck (that he loves). Any ideas? Help please!


A girl holding two paper dolls.

Christmas In a BoxMy grandchildren have plenty of toys, and sometimes, like other children, would rather play with the box the toy comes in than the actual toy itself. As a result, for their Christmas and birthday presents, I have put together craft projects.


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Gift for Boyfriend Who likes Sports?I need ideas. Valentine's day is coming up, and so is my boyfriend's birthday. I want to do something really cute for both of them. He's turning 18 and he likes football.


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Gift Idea: Fill a Tote With Useful ItemsFor Christmas this year, I decided to do something different than the usual gift cards. I bought laundry baskets or clothes hampers or storage totes for each person I was going to buy for. In the case of the kids, I bought inexpensive toy boxes.


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Gift Idea: A Year of RecipesEach month, I am going to choose one of our favorite recipes in each of several categories, print them out along with a picture of the dish as I make it; then tuck them into the pockets of a bound recipe book I found at our local dollar store.


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Happy Gift Packages for ChristmasI am going to put together some activities for the kids this year. I want it to be special. A gift they will have a permanent record of and a little memory photo album with it and also a one use camera to record it.


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ThriftyFun Link as Free Christmas PresentI'm sending this website's URL as a Christmas present to all my friends who send me e-mail.


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Creative Ways to Give a Child a Trip for Christmas?I need everyone to think deep into your imaginations. I have a trip planned for the end of January to bring our daughter to Great Wolf Lodge. This is a Christmas present for her.


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Making a Personal Correspondence Box?I am fixing up a box full of assorted greeting cards and stamps and a good pen, for my 93 year old mother-in-law. I need some more ideas for some other unique things to put in there. Also, what can I do to dress it up, cool?


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Make a Christmas Card for Your ParentsWhen you think about Christmas and you're a kid, you should make your mom or dad (or both) a card that you made.


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Gift Baskets for the HolidaysMake up gift baskets with things they like. For instance, make a basket with music related items, say a movie and a CD, a couple of packs of popcorn, some chips, Movie tickets to the latest movie; that sort of thing.


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Homemade Christmas Gift for Outdoorsy Boyfriend?I've been going out with this guy for 3 months and Christmas is coming. He doesn't want either of us to spend money on a gift, he wants me to think of something creative and make it.


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Christmas Gift for Boyfriend Who Likes to Build Things?My boyfriend and I have been doing a long distance relationship for about 4 months, he lives in CA and I live in GA. I've thought of a few things to get him or make him, but I'm trying to think of something he won't expect. I want something really different.


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Family Movie Gift Ideas?Calling all movie buffs. Can anyone suggest a good movie or two to give as a family gift? My sister-in-law thought we should send 3 - 4 of our favorite movies to each other for Christmas.


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Christmas Gift for Skater Boyfriend?Christmas is coming soon and I don't know what to get my boyfriend. He is one of those skater boys.


Christmas Gifts For Teachers

Christmas Gifts For TeachersOur teacher was very beloved. Parents brought her many sweet gifts, including lots of chocolates and coffee cups. With the economy what it has been, there were so many other things she could have used. Here is a list of some of the things that we discussed.


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Gift Idea: Movie Party in a BagWith but a few dollars to spend, I hand painted canvas bags and filled them with popcorn, candy and our local video store coupons for free movie or two. They loved it with these busy times. It's hard to get together.


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Christmas Gift for Farmer Boyfriend?What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas? He's 17 and we've been going out for a month. He's a farmer and a country guy.


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An apron from fabric scraps

Make an Apron from Fabric ScrapsMake quick Christmas gifts with scraps from your stash that they will love. I needed quick gifts that would not hurt our budget so I took a look at my fabric stash and I was able to find unusual combinations to create this totally divalicious apron!


A young boy opening presents with his family on Christmas morning.

Youngest Child Opens Presents FirstOne tradition my husband introduced to my family when we married 42 years ago has become a custom of all of my sibling's families also. I would like to share it with you.


Christmas tree with money

Give 'em C-A-S-HDespite claims that the economy has improved somewhat, it has worsened for those on fixed incomes and on social services. Cash gifts go uncounted unless tied to some traceable source.


Pictures Are Worth More Than PresentsWith 3 children, son-in-laws, several grandchildren and a hoard of steps there were too many family members to purchase a nice present for all. It came down to gift cards for everyone. We realized the presents the adults liked most were family pictures.


Christmas Tote Bag

Christmas Tote BagThis is a Christmas tote bag made of quilting scraps. I made this tote bag from two squares of 30 by 30 inch material with batting in the middle. You then quilt them together and put a binding around the raw edges.


My Frugal Holiday: Homemade Gift IdeasOur family on my side has decided to have a completely "homemade Christmas", due to the economy. Since not all people like "crafty items", my daughters and I try and make items I already know they like (or requested) and will be used.


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Christmas Present Ideas for My Boyfriend?It is me and my boyfriend's first Christmas together and we are in middle school. He plays football and he hunts, but I don't know what to get him.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boyfriend?I don't know what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. My boyfriend is 13 and I am 15. We have been dating for almost one year. His favorite thing in the whole world (besides me) is football. Can someone please help me decide what to get him?


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12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas?I need ideas for new parents and a 5 month baby boy, ideas for 12 days of Christmas.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for 15 Year Old Boyfriend?I have no clue what to get my boyfriend for Christmas, he loves Fortnite, the color purple, and pandas are his favourite animal. He doesn't play much sports, but loves to go on walks, I know nearly everything about him, but nothing is helping me decide what to get him.


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Text on Candy Cane Jigsaw Puzzle Gag Gift?What does the tag on the packages say?


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Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandchildren?I'm on a tight budget this year for Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. Any idea what I can start buying them before Christmas comes.


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